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ATEX certificate obtained for Coriolis flowmeter

The EMIS company has again proved the conformity of the product quality to the highest requirements. Following the vortex flowmeter "EMIS" -VIHR 200", EMIS -MASS 260 has successfully passed all the necessary tests and received ATEX certificate for explosion-proof Coriolis flowmeter.

In accordance with the certification methodology, the production of Coriolis flowmeters at the enterprise, the quality of working and design documentation, the level of technology for compliance and sufficiency for ensuring the declared explosion protection classes were subjected to the initial expert assessment.

During the tests, ICQC certification center experts checked how the explosion protection is ensured after heating the device to the maximum operating temperature, being in high humidity and applying mechanical shocks.

They initiated the explosion of the explosive mixture of IIC type inside the transmitter under various conditions. Electronic units were separately tested for sealing durability and intrinsic safety.

As the result of this thorough inspection the ATEX certificate was issued to confirm the explosion safety for the following configurations: ExA, ExB, ExC provided that each has its own explosion protection marking that complies with the requirements of Directive 2014/34 / EU.

 ATEX certificate has opened up the possibility of using Coriolis flowmeters EMIS-MASS 260 at production facilities in Europe and the Middle East. It is worth noting that EMIS products have the positive operating experience in the neighboring CIS and other foreign countries. For example, EMIS-MASS 260 flowmeters are installed at the "BrightOil" refinery at the oil-loading unit for accounting purpose, as well as at other construction and production fields of Zarubezhneft JSC, including as part of the automated group measure unit implemented in the overseas projects of this company.

This demonstrates that EMIS CJSC is rightfully one of the leaders in Russian instrument engineering!

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