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EMIS applies European standards of production

EMIS welding production is certified under EN ISO 9606-1:2018 Qualification testing of welders. Fusion Welding. Steels. Moreover, we developed and certified the method of weld crack detection.
Kiwa Inspecta Latvia inspectors and auditors spent the whole week at our welding workshop to assess the equipment, technology and welders qualification. All production that came out during this time was sent to the European laboratory for thorough inspection:
  • dye penetrant testing;
  • X-ray radiography; 
  • extension testing; 
  • bending testing; 
  • shock impact testing; 
  • hardness testing; 
  • large section testing.

Upon successful completion of the above testing, we obtained CE certificates. Since then EMIS flow meters intended for export are manufactured using the new certified technology that complies with EU directives.

 Earlier it was reported on certification by NAKS - National Agency of Non-Destructive Testing and Welding, which is a part of the welding certification system (SAS), which also approved all stages of the welding production of flowmeters manufactured at EMIS CJSC.

 It is worth noting that there are significant differences between GOST and European welding standards, while the application of both makes it possible to guarantee high quality of products, first of all, speaking about Coriolis flowmeters.

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