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Lite version of electronics for EMIS-MASS 260

19/04/2021 02:47:00 pm

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In the line of coriolis flowmeters "EMIS" -MASS 260 " there is a new modification of electronics for secondary converters of devices. First of all, in this version, the number of interfaces was reduced, which made it possible to significantly improve a number of individual technical characteristics of the device, while maintaining its main computing functions and advantages.

The output signals of EMIS-MASS 260, the new version of electronics, are a pulse-frequency signal with support for discrete operation mode for metering systems and a digital Modbus RTU protocol (RS-485 interface). As an additional option, the electronic unit can be equipped with a display board (liquid crystal display) with magnetic buttons. The display does not have a backlight and remains functional at temperatures up to - (minus) 40 degrees Celsius; at the same time, the operating temperature range of the electronic unit, both with and without the display, remains the same: from – 60 C to + 70 C.

The control and configuration of the electronic unit can be carried out using the Modbus RTU protocol (RS-485 interface), for which it is recommended to use the proprietary software "EMIS-Integrator", as well as using magnetic buttons for modification with the display. The device can operate in modes that meet the Modbus protocol specifications: RTU and ASCII with two versions of the register map (optional):  "EMIS" and compatible with ProLink software.
In addition to the differences in the set of output signals, the new version of the electronic unit also implemented взрывозащиты the Exia explosion protection level for the sensor circuits and the output circuits of the electronic unit. 

The maximum nominal diameter of the primary converter of the device, applicable with the Lite version of the electronics of the secondary converter of the EMIS-MASS 260 flow meter, is 100 mm, while the new version of the electronic unit does not require an external amplifier, including for this standard size (DN 100 mm).

It should be noted that along with the changes made, the main advantages and functionality of coriolis flow meters of the EMIS trademark were preserved in the new electronic unit.»:

* "Net Oil computer" with certified calculation algorithms and normalized error;

* Density measurement channel with calibration on the working medium and a minimum possible error(accuracy) of 0.3 kg / cubic meter;

· The verification interval is 5 years, with the possibility of simulation test (including without removing it from the pipeline);

· Calculation of volume flow rate (gas) under standard conditions;

* Diagnostic functions (diagnostics of states of the technological process): output of flow, temperature and density values beyond the operating range of the device, "plug flow", - and self-diagnostics: testing the interaction of the flow tube and the electronic unit, the presence of critical errors, such as sensor malfunction, and electronic unit errors.

· Automatic pressure correction.

At the same time, automatic pressure correction is implemented without the need to connect the pressure sensor to the secondary converter of the flow meter. Using the Modbus RTU protocol (RS-485 interface), the current pressure value is recorded in the electronic unit, and can also be transmitted from the Automated Process Control System..

In terms of expanding diagnostic and additional functionality, the presented version of the electronic unit has implemented a new mode for checking the functionality of electronics, "manual measurement", which allows you to test directly the measuring line from the flow meter to secondary equipment. As a rule, this mode is primarily necessary during commissioning, or when there are doubts about the serviceability of the communication line between the electronic unit of the flow meter and an external controller, for example, the gaging gas separator controller.
The new version of the electronic unit, together with the updated software and a modified signal processing algorithm, was successfully tested on the metrological base of the enterprise, in the testing laboratories of partners and in real-world operating conditions at customers, showing increased resistance to the gas factor.

To order an EMIS-MASS 260 coriolis flow meter and / or other products of the EMIS trademark, please fill out a questionnaire and send it to the email address

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