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Rotary flowmeter EMIS-DIO 230

Measurement of the flow of liquefied gas, petroleum products and viscous liquids.

Wide dynamic range Independent power supply Certified by the russian maritime and river registers of shipping Original software

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Product description

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Rotary liquid flowmeter EMIS-DIO 230 is designed to measure the flow rate of oil products, bitumen, diesel fuel, heavy oil and other liquids, for which high measurement accuracy is required. Rotary flowmeter EMIS-DIO 230

Metering technology based upon spiral rotors is applied in the rotary transducer. Such technology provides long-term performance stability and reliability. So the flowmeter can be used for measurement from water to bitumen.

The Rotary liquid flowmeter EMIS-DIO 230 is applied as:

  • liquefied gas meter;
  • counter of gasoline, kerosene and other light oil products;
  • diesel fuel meter;
  • fuel oil counter;
  • bitumen counter.

Rotary liquid flowmeter EMIS-DIO 230 is designed to control the technological accounting of commercial operations of discharge / loading, dosing and pumping as part of stationary and mobile units.


Rotary liquid flowmeter EMIS-DIO 230 is applied to measure the liquid flow rate, such as petrol, diesel, oil, fuel oil, bitumen and other liquids with different viscosity parameters. It is effective if:

Rotary flowmeter EMIS-DIO 230

  • the high measurement accuracy is desired;
  • no opportunity to provide the straight run segments;
  • the flow measurement is desired without external power supply;
  • the high pressure loss in the pipeline are not permitted it is not possible to use mass flowmeters and differential pressure transmitters;
  • it is necessary to measure very viscous fluid flow (fuel oil).

Common tasks:

  • measurement of the flow rate of crude oil on the oil-wells;
  • measurement of the flow rate of oil products on the oil refining and tank farms facilities for pumping;
  • measuring during loading/discharge of tank car and other vessels;
  • refueling of vehicles and measurement of fuel consumption;
  • dosing of liquids at oil, petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries facilities
  • as a master flowmeter in the stationary verification stands and mobile provers;
  • accounting for the flow rate of highly viscous liquids, fuel oil.


  • Oil industry
  • Oil and gas industry
Technical parameters
Parameter Description
Medium Liquid (oil, oil products, fuel oil, bitumen, etc.)
Pipeline Dn 8 … 400 mm
Accuracy, % 0,25; 0,5
Process connection flanged
Supply voltage, V 24 V DC
Medium pressure up to 6,3 MPa
Medium temperature -20°С … +250°С
Output signals current 4-20 mA
digital Modbus RTU with RS-485
Explosion protection 1ExdIIC(T2-T6)X
Ambient temperature* -40°С ... +70°С
Verification interval 1 year
Ingress protection IP 65

*LCD display operates at temperature from -20°С

Documentation for the countries of the Eurasian Union
  • Type approval certificate. EMIS-DIO 230

  • The Customs Union Certificate of Conformity ТR CU 012 “On the safety of equipment applied in hazardous area”. EMIS-DIO 230

  • Type approval license by Russian River Register. EMIS-DIO 230, EMIS-PLAST 220, EMIS-MASS 260

  • Type approval license by Maritime Register. EMIS-DIO 230, EMIS-PLAST 220, EMIS-MASS 260

  • Type approval certificate by Russian River Register. EMIS-DIO 230, EMIS-PLAST 220, EMIS-MASS 260

  • Declaration of Conformity for «Electromagnetic compatibility»

  • Certificate of Recognition by the River Register. EMIS-DIO 230, EMIS-PLAST 220, EMIS-MASS 260, EMIS-VEKTA 1210/1215

  • Manufacturer Recognition Certificate of the Russian Maritime Register


Reduce design and installation costs;

  • Built-in counter with the indicator provides to use the Rotary liquid flowmeter EMIS-DIO 230 without the auxiliary recording equipment so the total cost is reduced (assembly and installation costs).
  • Does not require straight run before and after the flowmeter installation point, which decreases pipeline preparation costs
  • The availability of widely used analogue output signals and built-in digital interface provide to use the Rotary liquid flowmeter EMIS-DIO 230 in the metering and dose systems and to control equipment performance.

Lower operation and maintenance costs

  • Wide range of viscosity allows to use the flow meter EMIS-DIO 230L for mediums with changing parameters.
  • Calibration can be executed with liquids of different viscosity, including water, which reduces calibration costs
Сomplete set


EMIS-DIO 230 Mounting kit counter flanges, gaskets, bolts, nuts, washers for installation on the pipeline

Flanged disassembling joint EMIS-DIO 230 for easy and safety installation of Rotary liquid flowmeter EMIS-VIHR 200

Cable set to connect Rotary liquid flowmeter EMIS-DIO 230

Filters & Functional Equipment

Magnetic filter EMIS-VEKTA 1210 to improve performance and service life of flowmeter by filtering liquids from impurities of solid particles, dust, rust

Filter-Separator EMIS-VEKTA 1211 to filter out steam and gas inclusion from liquid to improve metrological characteristics


Signal Processing Board EMIS-MASS 260 is universal and can be adjusted for any modification of sensors for the Rotary liquid flowmeter EMIS-DIO 230

  • EMIS-DIO 230