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Tachometric flowmeter EMIS-PLAST 220

Measuring the flow rate of liquid, liquid mixtures in high pressure pipelines.

Independent power supply Certified by the russian maritime and river registers of shipping Original software

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Product description

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Liquid flowmeter EMIS-PLAST 220 is developed to measure volume and volume flow rate of liquids in the pipelines under high pressure.

Operation principle of Liquid flowmeter EMIS-PLAST 220 is based on rotation of measuring mechanism under the measured medium. Rate of rotation is strictly proportional to volume flow rate.

Tachometric flowmeter EMIS-PLAST 220

The design of rotation mechanism protects from mechanical impurities and oiling, that makes the flowmeter an optimal solution for measuring flow rate of:

  • formation and deep-well water;
  • water cut oil;
  • oil with low viscosity;
  • dirty water;
  • liquid mixtures.

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Tachometric flowmeter Flowmeters are used in upstream oil facilities. Liquid flowmeters EMIS-PLAST 220 measure the flow rate of liquid, water cut oil, oil products in upstream oil and other industries enterprises. Liquid flowmeters EMIS-PLAST 220 are especially effective if:

  • Pipeline pressure is high;
  • The flow measurement is desired without external power supply;
  • Measured medium is a mixture of liquids (for example, water cut oil).

Common tasks

  • To measure flow rate of formation water in oil fields;
  • To measure flow rate of water on artesian wells;
  • To measure flow rate of crude low viscosity oil on oil wells;
  • To control liquid flow rate in the pipeline under high pressure at facilities of various industries.


  • upstream oil industry
Technical parameters
Parameter Description
Medium Liquid
Pipeline Dn 8 … 300 mm
Accuracy 0,5% / 1% / 1,5%
Vibration permissible limits Frequency range: 10 - 55 Hz
Max amplitude of speed up: 19,6 m/s2
Medium gauge pressure Up to 42 MPa
Medium Min absolute pressure 0,4 MPa
Medium temperature -40.. +80ºC
0 .. +150ºC
Medium viscosity Up to 5 sP (mPa*s) (light oil, diesel fuel oil)
Output signals Visual indication, pulse, analog, current output signal 4-20 мА digital RS-485
Supply voltage 3,6 V built-in battery; 24 V DC;
Atmosphere pressure 84 … 106,7 kPa
Ambient temperature -40 .. +55ºC
Ingress protection IP65
Verification interval. 4 years
Service life Not less than 8 years
Documentation for the countries of the Eurasian Union
  • Type approval license by Russian River Register. EMIS-DIO 230, EMIS-PLAST 220, EMIS-MASS 260

  • Type approval license by Maritime Register. EMIS-DIO 230, EMIS-PLAST 220, EMIS-MASS 260

  • Type approval certificate by Russian River Register. EMIS-DIO 230, EMIS-PLAST 220, EMIS-MASS 260

  • Declaration of Conformity for «Electromagnetic compatibility»

  • Certificate of Recognition by the River Register. EMIS-DIO 230, EMIS-PLAST 220, EMIS-MASS 260, EMIS-VEKTA 1210/1215

  • Manufacturer Recognition Certificate of the Russian Maritime Register

  • Declaration of Conformity TR CU 032/2013 “On safety of equipment operating under excessive pressure”

  • The Customs Union Certificate of Conformity ТR CU 012 “On the safety of equipment applied in hazardous area”. EMIS-PLAST 220

  • Type approval certificate. EMIS-PLAST 220

  • The Customs Union Certificate of Conformity ТR CU 012 “On the safety of equipment applied in hazardous area”. EMIS-PLAST 220 Mine type


Reduced costs of designing and installation

  • Wide dynamic range allows managing risks while designing of metering complex, which is equipped with Liquid flowmeter EMIS-PLAST 220.
  • Built-in counter-indicator of accumulated liquid flow rate allows to use Liquid flowmeter EMIS-PLAST 220 without external counting and accumulating devices. It reduces costs for purchasing.

Advanced stability and safety of the process

  • Unified output signals allow to integrate Liquid flowmeter EMIS-PLAST 220 in modern automatic control system of technological process and to improve the quality of process control.
  • The sensor of liquid flowmeter is protected from mechanical impurities and oiling. It improves reliability of metering unit.

Reduced operation and service costs

  • It is not required to adjust Liquid flowmeter EMIS-PLAST 220 for measured medium and application conditions, that ensures ease of use.
  • Replaceable sensor unit allows to conduct service maintenance without dismantling of flow tube, that helps to reduce service costs.
Сomplete set


EMIS-PLAST 220 Mounting kit counter flanges, gaskets, bolts, nuts, washers for installation on the pipeline

Flanged disassembling joint EMIS-PLAST 220 for easy and safety installation of Liquid flowmeter EMIS-PLAST 220

Flow conditioner EMIS-VEKTA 1200 prepares the flow and reduces requirements for straight runs in the place of flowmeter installation.

Power supply units EMIS-BRIZ to power the flowmeter

Cable setto connect Liquid flowmeter EMIS-PLAST 220


Sensor of EMIS-PLAST 220 The construction allows to replace a failed sensor

  • EMIS-PLAST 220