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The steam metering station with the independent power supply are unique in Russia!
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In 2011 year the metrologists of one locations of OJSC «Lukoil» addressed to the company EMIS to solve the problem of steam metering. The metering stations based upon the flowmeters EMIS have solved this problem for long and efficiently

But in this case the steamline passes through taiga so the steam metering points are in a great distance from the information and analysis center. So the periodic metering stations maintenance is high-cost due to the big distance and harsh environment. Rather difficult is the cable routing for power and telecom.

The engineers and designers of the company EMIS should determine the energy carrier metering complex under the specified operating process and develop the independent system capable to transfer the accurate indexes to the operator desk.

Several months the engineering center and the technical support experts of the company EMIS worked out this customer specification. And the steam metering station with the independent power supply was suggested to the customer. The metering station is powered from the heat generator, heat energy is converted into electrical and parameters indexes are transferred to the operator on GSM-channel. So the company «Lukoil» should not get to the metering station and route the cables for device power!

This engineering solution is unique and does not have the analogue in Russian Federation so in December, 2011 year the company EMIS had applied for the patent on « Independent steam/gas metering unit and amount of energy calculation».

In April, 2012 year the research of the company EMIS was registered in the State Register of Russian utility models.