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Differential pressure transmitter EMIS-BAR

High-accuracy differential pressure measurement

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Product description

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Differential Pressure Transmitter EMIS-BAR

The transmitter principle of operation is to measure pressure difference between positive and negative sensor cavities. The device can measure the flow using reducers. Reducer creates the obstacle for the liquid or gas flow. While passing through this section, the flow changes its nature. Negative pressure transmitter measures the difference of pressure before and after the reducer. The bigger the difference is, the higher the flow rate is in the pipe.

Differential Pressure Transmitter EMIS-BAR modifications:
  • 143 Traditional-mount;
  • 153 Traditional-mount High Static Differential Pressure transmitter;
  • 183 with Remote Diaphragm seal;
  • 184 with Remote Extended Diaphragm Seal;
  • 185 with one Remote Diaphragm seal and one Remote Extended Diaphragm Seal;
  • 193 Traditional-mount Micro Differential Pressure transmitter.

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Documentation and software
Documentation for the European Union
  • Operational Manual EMIS-BAR

  • Data Sheet. EMIS-BAR

Technical parameters
Parameter Description
Medium Liquid; steam; gas
Measured pressure range (min, max), MPa -0,5..3
Supply voltage, V 10,5...45, for Exia and Exdia up to 28 V
Explosion protection 0Ex ia IIC T6...T4 Ga X, 1Ex d IIC T6...T4 Gb X, 1Ex d ia IIC T6...T4 Gb X 0Ex ia IIB T6...T4 Ga X
Accuracy, % ±0,04; 0,065; 0,1; 0,15; 0,2; 0,25; 0,5
Stability Less than 0,1% within 5years (or 0,02% within 1 year)
Operation temperature, °С* -90...+400
Ambient temperature for explosion-proof transmitters,°С -50..+85
Ambient temperature (excluding explosion-proof transmitters), °С -60...+85
Range Adjustment 100:1
Diaphragm material Stainless steel 316L, Hastelloy HC-276, Tantalum, Monel, 316L gold-plated
Filling liquid Silicon oil, Inert oil
Transmitter material Aluminum, Aluminum with a protective layer, Stainless steel
Calibration interval 5 years
Software Branded Software EMIS-Integrator
Ingress protection (IP65, IP68)**
Output signals 4-20мА + HART with DD
Proccess connection In-Line Mount, Traditional-mount, with Remote Diaphragm seal, with Remote Extended Diaphragm Seal

* Operation temperature depends on the model of transmitter. ** Depends on the cablegland
Documentation for the countries of the Eurasian Union
  • Type approval certificate. EMIS-BAR

  • Certificate of Conformity TR CU 032 “On safety of equipment operating under excessive pressure”. EMIS-BAR

  • Type Description. EMIS-BAR

  • The Customs Union Certificate of Conformity ТR CU 012/2011 “On the safety of equipment applied in hazardous area”. EMIS-BAR

  • Declaration of Conformity TR CU 032 “On safety of equipment operating under excessive pressure”. EMIS-BAR

  • Certificate of Conformity "Application in environments containing hydrogen sulfide." EMIS-BAR

  • Expert findings on the results of the sanitary-epidemiological examination. EMIS-BAR

  • Certificate of vibration resistance. EMIS-BAR

  • Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment. EMIS-BAR