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Coriolis mass flowmeter EMIS-MASS 260

Direct measurement of mass, volume, flow rate density

Compact type Certified by the russian maritime and river registers of shipping «100 best products of Russia» award Original software Accuracy of +-1% and 5% for gas mediums Measurement of reverse flow Multi-phase medium metering

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Product description

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Coriolis Mass flowmeter EMIS-MASS 260

Application: chemical, food, pharmaceutical industries, utilities, oil and oil products metering. Innovative assembly technologies have improved measurement accuracy and decrease the price of a Coriolis mass flowmeter.

Mass flowmeter of gas, air, liquid

EMIS-MASS 260 is used as a mass flowmeter for petroleum, diesel fuel, liquefied gas, kerosene, oil, fuel oil, acids, alkalis, mixtures, other liquids and aggressive mediums.

Features & Benefits:

  • Measure density and temperature of the medium
  • Food type is available
  • Permits remote data communication, configuration, testing through RS-485 Modbus RTU.
  • Direct and reverse flow measurement.
  • Measurement of two-phase liquids (net oil computer)
  • No requirements for straight meter run length or special equipment
  • Measurement of highly viscous liquids, fluids with solid and gas inclusions up to 2%.
  • Flow tube made of stainless steel provides the application of EMIS-MASS 260 for measurement of food products and corrosive mediums.
  • Optical buttons, display, Russian-English menu for easy operation.
  • Compact type.
  • Short- offset/repay period of flowmeters.


The application of Coriolis Mass flowmeter EMIS–MASS 260

Coriolis flowmeter is applied for measuring flow rate of petroleum, liquefied gas, kerosene, diesel fuel, oil, fuel oil and other liquids at operating pressure and temperature.

Digital electronics of Coriolis Mass flowmeter

  • Correction of the measured flow by pressure.
  • Additional Modbus register card compatible with flowmeter software of leading foreign manufacturers .
  • Damping time adjustment for measured flow rate and density.
  • Protective switch unit to protect the metrological parameters of the device from unauthorized access .
  • Calibration factor adjustments in eight certain points of flow.

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Coriolis mass flowmeter EMIS-MASS 260

The versatility and high flow measurement accuracy have provided the wide applicability of the Coriolis mass flowmeter. EMIS-MASS 260 is applied:

  • in mixing and dispensing systems with continuous or batch feed of ingredients
  • for flow measurement of corrosive acids, alkalis and mixtures
  • for measuring during loading/discharge of tank car and other vessels
  • at petroleum and liquid gas stations
  • to control gas-cutting and bottling processes
  • as a master flowmeter in the verification stands and provers

The application of Coriolis mass flowmeters EMIS-MASS 260 includes the following industries:

  • chemical industry
  • upstream oil industry
  • gas industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • food industry
Documentation and software
Documentation for the European Union
  • Operational Manual EMIS-MASS 260

  • ATEX certificate EMIS-MASS 260

Technical parameters
Parameter Description
  • liquids
  • gases
Flow range See table Flow Range

±0,1%, ±0,15%, ±0,25%, ±0,5%

Pipeline Dn 10 до 200 mm
Medium pressure Up to 6,3 MPa, up to 25 MPa (special order)
Medium temperature -60°С … +200°С
Output signals
  • analogue 4-20 mA
  • pulse
  • RS-485
  • Modbus HART
Explosion protection
  • 1Exd[ib]IICT6X (transmitter)
  • 1ExibIIC(T3-T4) (sensor)

Ambient temperature -60°С до +70°
Ingress protection IP67
Calibration interval
4 years

  • High accuracy measurement of volume and mass flow of liquid and gas provides the use of Coriolis mass flowmeter EMIS-MASS 260 in different processes
  • Density measurement provides to spread the application area of mass flowmeter EMIS-MASS 260
  • Flow tube is fully made of stainless steel, so the Coriolis mass flowmeter EMIS-MASS 260 can be applied to measure the corrosive mediums
  • Direct and reverse flow measurement mode

New opportunities of digital electronics

  • Correction of the measured flow by pressure.
  • The possibility to choose a number of stopbits and parity/ odd bit value.
  • Additional Modbus register card interpreted as the MicroMotion flowmeters.
  • Damping time adjustment for measured mass rate and density.
  • Protective switch unit to protect the metrological parameters of the device from unauthorized access.
  • Calibration factor adjustments at eight certain flows points.

Compact type advantages

  • Compact size.
  • Minimum pressure loss.
  • Cavitation reduction.
  • Resistance to vibrations of industrial frequencies.

Reliability, availability and serviceability

  • No requirements to the straight meter run length and compact size provide easy installation on the pipeline.
  • Absence of moving parts provides the stable operation throughout the entire service life.
  • Absence of obstructions to the flow in the sensor-tubes
  • Built-in indicator of mass rate and volume flow with electronic accumulator does not require the auxiliary equipment
  • Possibility of remote data communication, flowmeter adjustment and verification through digital interface RS-485 with protocol Modbus RTU

The cost of the flowmeter depends on the configuration.


Flanged disassembling joint EMIS-MASS 260. VT
for easy and safety installation of Coriolis mass flowmeters EMIS-MASS 260

Mounting kit EMIS-MASS 260
installation kit (counter flanges, gaskets, bolts, nuts, washers)

Power unit EMIS-BRIZ 90
to power the Coriolis mass flowmeter

Cable set
to connect EMIS-MASS flowmeter

Filters & Functional Equipment

Filter-Separator EMIS-VEKTA 1211
to filter out steam and gas inclusion from liquid to improve metrological characteristics

Interface converter RS-232/RS-485/USB EMIS-SYSTEMA 750
for data communication between flowmeter and PC or other digital devices


Signal Processing Board EMIS-MASS 260
for replacement the main electronic board

An additional gasket kit
for replacement during maintenance of the mass flowmeter

  • EMIS-MASS 260


Compact type

Coriolis mass flowmeter EMIS-MASS 260

Compact type of flowmeter is used for installation in limited space. Its compact sizes reduce the pressure loss from 0,13 to 0,1 MPa and apply the flowmeter at low medium pressure without additional equipment for maintaining pressure. Besides, the compact flowmeter is stable to the commercial frequency vibration and can be installed near vibration source. There are two types of the compact mass flowmeter: integral and remote types.

Food type

Coriolis mass flowmeter EMIS-MASS 260 can be used in the food industry upon the expert findings.

For references to the application of the Coriolis mass flowmeters EMIS-MASS 260 in the food industry, click on the links below:

Yeast factory «Penzensky»
CJSC «Sotnitsinsky yeast factory»

Coriolis mass flowmeter EMIS-MASS 260

Remote type

In remote type of Coriolis mass flowmeter the transmitter could be installed separately from the transducer. The cable length should not exceed 100 meters. The application of remote type mass flowmeter allows to increase the medium temperature up to 200°С.