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Metal rotameter EMIS-META 215

Various materials performance.

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Product description

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Metal rotameter EMIS-META 215EMIS-META 215 is a metal rotameter with accuracy up to 1.5%.
Flow tube and components are made of stainless steel, so the flowmeter can be applied to measure gases, liquids and steam.
Produced by EMIS flowmeters can measure the flow rate even of corrosive liquids. The especial hydrogen sulfide performance has optional Polytetrafluoroethylene lining (PTFE) of the float and measuring cavity and spreads the field of application.

Features & Benefits
- High accuracy.
- Easy installation.
- Convert the flow value to standard 4–20 mA analogue signal, or to digital signal, based on the HART protocol.
- The process safety is provided with the limits warning. The design simplicity ensures rotameter life evaluation and reliability.

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Documentation and software
Documentation for the European Union
  • Operational Manual for EMIS-META 215 V.1.3.05

  • Data Sheet EMIS-META 215

Technical parameters
Parameter Description
  • liquid
  • gas (including O2, H2)
Flow range water: 2,5 - 100000 l/h
gas: 0,07 - 3000 m3 /h
Accuracy ±1%*; ±1,5%*, ±2,5%, ±4,0%
Pipeline Dn 15 ..150 mm.
Process connection flanged, socket, clamp
Max pressure, MPa Up to 10
Medium temperature -80°С … +250°С
Output signals
  • indicator
  • analog current 4-20 mA
  • HART
  • up to 2 limit stops
Explosion protection** 1 Ex ib IIB T4/T2 Gb, 1 Exd IIB T4/T2 Gb/Gbc
Ambient temperature*** -60°С...+70°С
Ingress protection IP65, IP67
Verification interval
5 years
*only for liquid medium
**for version with output signal
***LCD displays indication above -30°С
Documentation for the countries of the Eurasian Union
  • Type approval certificate. EMIS-META 215

  • Approval for food application. EMIS-VIHR 200

  • Declaration of Conformity for «Electromagnetic compatibility»

  • TR CU 010/2011 "On Safety of Machinery and Equipment"

  • Declaration of Conformity TR CU 032 “On safety of equipment operating under excessive pressure”

  • Certificate of Conformity TR CU 032 “On safety of equipment operating under excessive pressure”

  • SIL2 certificate

  • Certificate of vibration resistance. EMIS-META 215

  • Certificate of Application in the Oil and Gas Industry

  • The Customs Union Certificate of Conformity ТR CU 012 “On the safety of equipment applied in hazardous area”. EMIS-MERA 215


EMIS-META 215 retains the advantages of flowmeters:

  • The universal principle of operation allows the use of device for flow measurement of any gases, liquids and steam.
  • The design simplicity ensures rotameter long service life and reliability.
  • Widely-spread application of the rotameters provides easy verification and calibration.

New features of metal rotameters:

  • Metal body provides safe operation under high temperature and pressure conditionsMetal rotameter EMIS-META 215
  • Special anti-corrosion configuration with PTFE lining expands the application range
  • Built-in unified output signal 4-20 mА and two programmable emergency outputs
  • HART protocol
  • Horizontal installation on the pipeline
Сomplete set

EMIS-META 215 Mounting kit
counter flanges, gaskets, bolts, nuts, washers for installation on the pipeline

Power unit EMIS-BRIZ
to power the metal rotameter

Cable set
to connect rotameter EMIS-META

Filters & Functional Equipment

Magnetic filter EMIS-VEKTA 1210
to improve performance and service life

  • EMIS-META 215


Warming type:

If it is necessary that the temperature of the medium does not change when passing through the rotameter, it is necessary to heat the measuring tube. For this purpose, it is optimal to use the heating jacket, which has fittings for supplying hot oil or steam.

The modification with the lining:

Rotameter EMIS-META 215 has anti-corrosion type for chemically corrosive mediums. Its wetted part has special PTFE lining.

Food type of metal rotameter EMIS-META 215:

The metal rotameter EMIS-META 215 can be used in the food industry as evidenced by the availability of a food application certificate.

Version with limit switches:

Rotameters are optionally equipped with one or two limit switches. The version with limit switch is made only if there is no output signal and LCD display.