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Coriolis Mass Flowmeters

  • Direct measurement of mass, volume, flow rate density

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  • Direct measurement of mass, volume, flow rate density

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OEM Vortex and Coriolis flow meters from EMIS Company!

EMIS offers services on design and production of Vortex and Coriolis flow meters as an OEM manufacturer and supplier.

EMIS is a leading manufacturer of flow meters in Russia. Product line includes Coriolis, vortex, electromagnetic and variable area flow meters for measuring all possible types of liquids and gases.

In 2020 EMIS vortex and Coriolis flow meters stand among the leaders of Russian market in accordance with produced and sold quantity of pieces,  successfully competing even with international brands. Most of these flow meters were supplied to clients, who  previously already bought both EMIS products and products from other well-known international brands in the field of automation. This is an indicator of customer confidence and quality of the flow meters as well as the level of development and authority of the company at Russian market.

Why OEM flow meters from EMIS?

Price, quality and technical specifications are often taken into account to decide whether to cooperate with OEM manufacturer or not.

More than 18 years at Russian market, as well as at the territory of the republics of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Belarus, EMIS products have proved themselves as effective and high-quality equipment and EMIS company as qualified and high-reliable supplier. CJSC EMIS is included into vendor lists (AVL) of following big vertical-integrated Russian companies: Gazprom, Sibur, LUKOIL, Rosneft, Gazprom neft. The reference-list of shipped products exceeds 30,000 instrument installations in various industries in Russia.

Technical characteristics of EMIS vortex and Coriolis flow meters successfully compete with the same features from the world's largest manufacturers and excel them in some characteristics, for example, operation in extremely low ambient temperature down to -60C without external heating. In addition, for convenience of partners and customers EMIS vortex and Coriolis flowmeters can be produced in accordance with mounting length and connection dimensions of other products completely similar other units to be replaced easily. Functional properties of these instruments include, among other features, simulation calibration without removing from pipeline!

At the moment, due to global processes taking place inside of the country the cost of equipment produced in Russia  is significantly more attractive, than in other countries, that are traditional leaders of the world OEM production!

Ready for international market!

EMIS-brand flow meters are certified and fully comply with international standards: 

  • explosion proof demands corresponding to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU Equipment for explosive atmospheres; 
  • Electromagnetic compatibility conforming to EMC Directive 2014/30/EU Electromagnetic compatibility; 
  • Demands for pressure vessels complying to PED Directive 2014/68/EU Pressure Equipment Directive.

Details of collaboration

​To discuss the details of collaboration, please contact us by e-mail:  EMIS is experienced in OEM collaboration within Russia, as well. But, at the moment several engineering companies from Europe and American continent are already interested in our offer. Active negotiations are in progress. 

​If you are interested, we shall be glad to answer all your questions! For more information and preliminary acquaintance we are ready to send You presentations on the company, products (vortex and Coriolis flowmeters), as well as other photo and video materials.

We are glad to cooperate with You!

We are happy to design and manufacture for You!