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High pressure vortex flowmeter EMIS-VIHR 200 PPD

EMIS-VIHR 200 PPD Flowmeter for maintaining reservoir pressure

Accuracy of +-1% and 5% for gas mediums Original software «100 best products of Russia» award

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Product description

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PPD* flowmeters for maintaining reservoir pressure


The high pressure flow-meter EMIS-VIHR 200 PPD measures:
  • 1) fresh water (lake, river),
  • 2) tank water (from oil treatment unit),
  • 3) reservoir and Cenomanian water,
  • 4) oil-in-water mixture,
  • 5) chemical and other liquid products unaggressive to the stoinless of 304, 316, 316l, 321H, 316ti grade
*PPD is maintaining layer pressure system. It is used to enhance well oil recovery. Today many requirements are issued to the flowmeters and oil meters, such as the high accuracy, reliability, measurement data independence from substance density variation, operation speed and wide measurement range.

Today many requirements are issued to the flowmeters and oil meters, such as the high accuracy, reliability, measurement data independence from substance density variation, operation speed and wide measurement range.

The vortex flowmeters for maintaining layer pressure (PPD) are installed in the water distribution unit assemblies. Such devices are used to measure water volume injected in the water injection wells of layer pressure maintenance systems in the oil fields. This device is designed to gauge pressure up to 25MPa compared to the traditional vortex flowmeters. This version of the vortex flowmeter was designed for reliable medium measurement of mediums under high pressure and with mechanical impurities. Also it can be used as a part of automated control systems and for the local automation diagrams.

To buy vortex flowmeter EMIS-VIHR PPD or request a price please fill out the questionnaire. The Sales Manager will automatically receive the interactive questionnaire. The expert will calculate the cost of the desired device modification corresponding to your procedure specification.

Oil and petroleum products metering with the help of EMIS-VIHR 200 PPD

The device design features provide to measure the dirty and mineralizing fluids, emulsion (to 30% of oil content in the liquid), gas content fluid up to 15%, mediums with mechanical inclusions (up to 250 mg/Nm3).

The advantage of the vortex flowmeters EMIS-VIHR 200 PPD is the non-clogging design. The flowmeter is essential in production process, because Its wetted part can clean itself. This type of vortex flowmeter is universally applicable in any automation architecture because digital Modbus and analogue current output signals, as well as software for fast professional setup are easy to operate and friendly.

The advantages

  • Metrological characteristics of the devices will not be changed within 12 years without maintenance.
  • The verification interval is 4 years.
  • The verification is performed by the simulation technique.
  • The competent advice of the experts and service persons, installation services and start-up and commissioning.
  • The device design can be changed under the individual requirements as EMIS company designs the instruments under special industrial needs.

Documentation and software
Documentation for the European Union
  • Operational Manual EMIS- VIHR 200, EMIS-VIHR 200 PPD, EMIS-VIHR 205

Technical parameters
Parameter Description
Medium liquids with mechanical inclusions of up to 1g/l and gas inclusions up to 15%
Flow range See table Flow Range

up to ±1% on frequency and digital output
up to ±0,2% additionally on current output

Dynamic viscosity of the medium

up to 7 MPa * s

Gauge pressure
up to 25 MPa
Pipeline Dn
50, 80, 100, 150 mm
Medium temperature -60°С .. +100°С
Output signals
  • analogue 4-20 mA + HART overlap (optional)
  • HART
  • pulse
  • discrete - "flow switch" and "dispenser" modes
  • frequency up to 1 kHz
  • digital Modbus RTU with RS-485 and USB
Explosion protection


Ambient temperature -60°С...+70°С *
Ingress protection IP67
Calibration interval
4 years
* -40°С...+70°С - standard version
  -50°С...+70°С - with thermal jacket
  -60°С...+70°С - special order
  • EMIS-VIHR 200

Metering Skids

The layer water metering skid with solar batteries based on EMIS-VIHR 200 PPD installed at TPP «Volgogradneftegas».

Emis-vihr 200 PPD

Metering skid contains:

  • Vortex flowmeter EMIS-VIHR 200 PPD.
  • Mounting kit Vortex flowmeter EMIS-VIHR 200 PPD.
  • Electric cabinet RizurBox-M-W3.
  • Autonomous power supply set (A solar panel + storage battery).
  • Pressure transmitter METRAN-150.
  • Meter run and Flanged disassembling joint EMIS-VEKTA
Parameter Value
Measured medium reservoir water
Dn, mm 50...80
Operating pressure range, MPa от 4 to 7
Mass water flow rate accuracy , % ±1
Medium temperature, °С 0...+25
Ambient temperature, °С -28...+45
Output signals frequency; Modbus RTU; , analog 4-20 mA.
Explosion protection Exd
Ingress protection IP 67

Calculating flow rate immediate and sumnud, as well