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Thermal Dispersion flow switch EMIS-POTOK 285

Thermal Dispersion flow switch

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Product description

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Thermal Dispersion flow switch EMIS-POTOK 285 is used to control the presence / absence of liquid or gas flow in industrial systems, cooling and water-treatment plants.
Flow switch protects the pumps, drivers and other equipment from overheating, caused by low flow or it absence. It is usually used in automatic process control and management systems in power, chemical, petrochemical, food, paper and other industries.

Flow switch shall be installed on the pipeline. It has general industry version and version for operating in explosion-hazard area.

Design of flow switch EMIS-POTOK 285 allows to use it with highly viscous mediums up to 400 MPa·s, crude oil and diesel fuel oil.

Features & Benefits:

  • Wide range of applications.
  • Process medium – liquid and gas.
  • The flow switch can operate with highly viscous mediums (max viscosity – 400 MPa·s).
  • Medium gauge pressure - up to 5 MPa.
  • Minimum permissible ambient temperature is – 50Co. It allows to operate under Extreme North conditions.
  • Direct and reverse flow measurement.
  • Wide range of pipeline Dn: 25-300 mm is standard order and from 300 mm by special order.
  • No moving mechanical parts
  • Easy to install
  • The flow switch can be installed on horizontal and vertical pipeline.

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Thermal Dispersion flow switch EMIS-POTOK 285 is a good solution if:

  • Measured medium is liquid or gas which are not aggressive to process wetted materials.
  • You are looking for lowest cost solution to control the presence of liquid in the pipeline.

Thermal Dispersion flow switch EMIS-POTOK 285 is applied in different industries:

  • energy industry;
  • petrochemical industry;
  • food industry;
  • pulp-and-paper industry;

Common tasks:

  • to control presence of flow;
  • to protect the equipment from “dry run” mode;
  • automation and control.
Technical parameters



Pipeline Dn

25 … 700 mm

Medium Max gauge pressure

10 MPa

Flow range

Water: 0,01-1,5 m/s

Crude oil: 0,03-3 m/s

Gas: 0,2-20 m/s

Medium temperature


Explosion protection


Ambient temperature


Ingress protection


Service time

not less than 12 years

Process connection

К1/2 GOST 6111-52

Supply voltage

24 V DC

Output signal

SPDT switch

PNP switch

NPN switch

Max switching capacity of contacts

1A/220V AC (SPDT switch)

2,5А/24V DC (SPDT switch)

400 mA/24V DC (PNP&NPN switch)



Documentation for the countries of the Eurasian Union
  • Certificate of conformity TR CU 012/2011 “On the safety of equipment applied in hazardous area”. EMIS-POTOK 285

  • Declaration of Conformity for «Electromagnetic compatibility»

  • Letter of exemption TR CU 032/2013

Сomplete set

Cable set

to connect Flow switch EMIS-POTOK 285