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A program EMIS-Integrator is applied to control operation process, collect information of the process and consumption of utilities, and to adjust EMIS flowmeters. Software EMIS-Integrator is protected by Russian Certificate of registration of computer software. The program uses industrial protocol ModBus RTU for data exchange with equipment.

The program supports the following equipment:
· EMIS-VIHR 200, version 8
· EMIS-DIO 230
· EMIS-MAG 270
· EMIS-VIHR 200, version 5

Please, pay attention that: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or new version of this library shall be installed on the computer for proper work of the program. Link for downloading of Microsoft .NET Framework 4:

System requirements:
· Operating system Windows XP, Sever 2003 or later version.
· Already installed library MS .Net Framework v.4 or later version
· Processor with clock frequency shall be more than 1200 MHz
· Random access memory shall be more than 128 Mb

Optional equipment:
Converter RS-485 / USB, RS-485 / RS-232 is required for proper operation of program