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About us

CJSC EMIS is the Russian manufacturer of control and measuring equipment (flowmeters) and provider of complex solutions. The company was established in 2003. Through the years of growth and development, the company has become the expert in complex metering solutions. EMIS provides full-cycle manufacturing from development and design, production and calibration, delivery, supervised installation, and on-site commissioning. We have accumulated the great and unique engineering and production experience to ensure further development, design, and manufacturing of hi-tech products.

We operate with 7 types of measurement applied in 13 types of flowmeters and 35 types of other instruments and auxiliary equipment. EMIS develops and produces instruments and metering units for liquid, gas, and steam offers automatic meter reading systems for oil & gas, energy, chemical, food, and other industries.

EMIS has obtained 9 patents to secure the production of unique products and original complex solutions. Our products are used all around Russia and the countries of Customs Union in all industries.

EMIS pays great attention to the technical development of our production site and design of new modern equipment that meets world standards to provide the best service to our customers.

EMIS keeps up with the latest market trends and updates its production process accordingly to the main technological changes. The main target of our engineering center is to extend the functional capabilities of the current equipment and to improve its technical characteristics. Application of digital methods for measurement signal processing allows our flowmeters to operate at a higher level of performance leading to greater competitive advantages.

EMIS has developed its own software “EMIS-Integrator” approved and secured by the registration certificate for PC software. This software provides self-diagnostics, adjustment, and remote diagnostics of our equipment.

EMIS headquarter is situated in Chelyabinsk. Dealer network includes 15 companies and representatives in Belorussia and Kazakhstan. Technical support service is provided by the manufacturer or by any of 9 authorized service companies. They provide maintenance support for the Russian oil and gas producing companies. EMIS has entered the list of the top Russian instrument manufacturing companies.

Our products:

New products:

EMIS equipment is distributed all around Russia, former Soviet republics, and other foreign countries.

EMIS team will provide the best assistance to navigate you through the whole range of our equipment. Being the developer and manufacturer of the flowmeters EMIS can provide you with the best suitable and customized options, guarantee reasonable price, and qualified technical support during the warranty period.