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RS-232/RS-485/USB interface converter EMIS-SISTEMA 750

EMIS-SYSTEMA 750 converts RS-485 signal in USB or RS-232 and backwards in order to connect smart sensors to PC or digital system.

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  • Product description
  • Technical parameters
Product description

Interface converters EMIS-SYSTEMA 750 are used for data communication between devices RS-485 from one side and RS-232 or USB from the other side..

Converters EMIS-SYSTEMA 750 include the following devices:

  • Converter EMIS-SYSTEMA 750-RS485-USB provides converting physical level of RS-485 to USB.
  • Converter EMIS-SYSTEMA 750-RS485-RS232 provides converting of physical level of RS-485 to RS232.

Converters RS-485 of EMIS-SYSTEMA 750 which are designed based on the modern microcontrollers, it allows to escape manual adjustment of rate, bits and data communication format.

Application of interface converter EMIS-SYSTEMA 750 allows to combine several devices with different rate and data format on one bus line providing additional saving.

Technical parameters
Parameter Description
Type of network
  • Half-duplex
  • asynchronous
  • two wire
Interface 1 RS-485
Interface 2 USB / RS-232 (COM)
Transmission distance 1,2 km
Transfer rate Up to 115200 Kb/s
Supply voltage
  • USB (RS-485-USB)
  • 220В (RS-232 – RS-485)
Ambient temperature -25°С .. +65°С
Ingress protection IP30