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Magnetic flowmeter EMIS-MAG 270

Measuring the flow rate of conductivity liquids, as well as dirty and corrosive medium.

Multi-phase medium metering Measurement of contaminated and saline mediums Original software

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Product description

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Electromagnetic flowmeter EMIS-MAG 270

 EMIS-MAG 270  
Design of EMIS-MAG 270 allows to measure the flow rate of medium up to 32 MPa.

The flowmeter can be manufactured with big diameter of flow tube (standard version is up to Dn 450, so it can be used for measuring big volumes.

Appropriate version of electromagnetic flowmeter can reduce utility costs of the user.

Features & Benefits

  • Wide variety of lining and electrode materials provides an opportunity to use the flowmeter on corrosive medium and under high pressure up to 32 MPa.
  • Electromagnetic operation principle allows to measure two-components dirty liquids.
  • Wide size range of the flowmeter provides an opportunity to measure big flow rate.
  • Built-it element with indicator allows to use flowmeter without additional register equipment
  • Flowmeter can be mounted on horizontal, vertical and inclined parts of the pipeline. It leads to reducing of project costs.
  • The flowmeter doesn`t consist of mechanical and expanded beyond flow tube parts.
  • Inductive transmitters reduce pressure loss.
  • Verification interval is 4 years. It meets modern requirements and demands among leaders of the market.

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Electromagnetic flowmeter EMIS-MAG 270 is an optimal solution for measuring liquid if:

  • Measured liquid is corrosive, two-phase and contaminated medium with low electrical conductivity 5·10-4 Sm/m.
  • It is required to have min pressure loss in the pipeline.

Electromagnetic flowmeter EMIS-MAG 270 is used in different industries:

  • Chemical industry;
  • Energy industry;
  • Pulp-and-paper industry;
  • Water cleaning and preparation.
Common tasks
  • To measure corrosive acids, alkalis and mixtures;
  • To measure sewage water;
  • To measure non-newtonian liquids;
  • To clean and prepare water;
  • To measure dirty liquids on iron and steel plants.
Documentation and software
Documentation for the European Union
  • Operational Manual EMIS-MAG 270

  • Data Sheet EMIS-MAG 270

Technical parameters
Parameter Description
DN, mm 15 … 450
Medium Electrically conductive liquid
Accuracy, % ±0,5%
Supply voltage 24 V DC, 220 V AC
Process connection flanged
Medium pressure up to 42 MPa
Medium temperature -40 ºС … 130ºС (for Ех** up to 120ºС)
Output signals
  • Pulse/frequency
  • analog current 4-20 mA
  • Modbus RTU digital signal;
  • HART
Explosion protection 1Exd[iа]IIС(T4-T6)Х; РВ ExdI Х
Ambient temperature
Integral type Remote type
Flow tube Transmitter
- -40...+50ºС -40...+70ºС -40...+60ºС
Ex** -40...+50ºС -40...+50ºС -40...+50ºС
РВ** -20...+50ºС -20...+50ºС
Verification interval 4 years
Ingress protection IP65, IP66, IP67, IP66/IP67

Material Name in order sheet Medium resistance
Stainless steel 03Х17Н14М2 - Resistant to organic and inorganic acids, phosphorus acid, formylic acid, sulphurous acid and acetic acid, alkali water, sea water, sewage water, mineral water, ammonia, paper stock, diary products
Hastelloy C HC Resistant to 10% nitric acids, salicylic acetic, boric, butyric, cresolic, phosphorus, fatty, formylic (including formates); Fe and Cu acid salt, sea water, propanetriol, methyl alcohol, caustic soda
Hastelloy В HB Resistant to hydrochloric acid of any strength until boiling temperature, phosphorus and sulphuric acids up to 60%.
Tungsten carbide TC Resistant to acids under room temperature, highly resistant to corrosive mediums, which cause wearing and pitting of surfaces.
Titanium TI Resistant to chlorides and hypochlorites, acid gases (including fuming nitric acid), organic acids, sea water and mineral water, corrosion-resistant to majority of mediums (not including alkaline mediums).
Tantalum ТА Resistant to corrosive chemical mediums, fuming hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulphuric acid (t = 175 °C). Excluding fluric acid, fuming sulphuric acid and caustic soda.
Platinum-iridium alloy PT Resistant to most acidic solutions (including hydrochloric acid (at certain concentrations) with fuming sulfuric and fuming nitric acid) alkalis, and salt solutions. Excluding nitrohydrochloric acid.

Material Name in order sheet Dn, mm Medium and material feature Medium temperature Integral version Medium temperature Remote version МMax pressure of medium, MPa
Polyurethane rubber PR 15-1000 High wear-resistance, but bad resistant to acids and alkalis. 0...+70 ºС 0...+70 ºС 4,0
Chlorophrene rubber (technical rubber) CR 40-1000 Highly resistant. Resistant to coal-water slurry and contaminated liquids, weak acids and alkalis, oil. 0...+80 ºС 0...+80 ºС 4,0
Polypropylene PP 15-1000 Low heat conductivity and surface tension. Resistant to weak acids and alkalis, mineral oils. 0...+60 ºС 0...+60 ºС 32,0
Fluorinated ethylene propylene* FEP 15-80 Resistant to hydrochloric, sulfuric, nitric and nitrohydrochloric acids. -40...+80 ºС -40...+120 ºС 25,0
Polytetrafluoroethylene* (fluorine plastic - 4) PTFE 40-1000 High heat resistance and resilience, low surface tension. Resistant to concentrated acids and alkalis. -20...+80 ºС -20...+120 ºС 4,0
Perfluoroalkoxy^(fluorine plastic - 50) PFA 15-300 Resistant to hydrochloric, sulfuric, nitric and nitrohydrochloric acids. Properties very similar to PET -40...+80 ºС -40...+130 ºС, -40...+120 ºС 10,0
Ceramic C 15-350 High resistance to caustic, corrosive and abrasive mediums. Used in pharmacy and cosmetic industry. Resistant to temperature changes and high mechanical impact. High resistance to vacuum. -20...+100 ºС -20...+180 ºС
-20...+120 ºС

*flow meters are equipped with protection rings installed at the ends of sensor to prevent lining from damages during transportation and installation
**explosion protection
Documentation for the countries of the Eurasian Union
  • SIL2 certificate

  • Type approval certificate. EMIS-MAG 270

  • The Customs Union Certificate of Conformity ТR CU 012 “On the safety of equipment applied in hazardous area”. EMIS-MAG 270

  • Expert findings on compliance with common sanitary standards

  • Declaration of Conformity "On the safety of low-voltage equipment"

  • Type approval license by Russian River Register. EMIS-MAG 270

  • Declaration of Conformity TR CU 032 “On safety of equipment operating under excessive pressure”

  • TR CU 010/2011 "On Safety of Machinery and Equipment"

  • Manufacturer Recognition Certificate of the Russian Maritime Register

  • Certificate of Application in the Oil and Gas Industry. EMIS-MAG 270

  • The Customs Union Certificate of Conformity ТR CU 012 “On the safety of equipment applied in hazardous area”. EMIS-MAG 270. Mine type

  • Reduce design and installation costs
  • Built-in flow counter with indicator allows to use electromagnetic flowmeter EMIS-MAG 270 without additional register equipment, so the total cost of flow metering solution can be reduced (supply scope and mounting costs).
  • Electromagnetic flowmeter can be mounted on horizontal, vertical and inclined parts of the pipeline. It leads to easy mounting and reducing of project costs.
  • Verification interval compares with modern leaders of the market all over the world.
  • The flowmeter can operate with hard conditions of medium.
  • Wide variety of lining and electrode materials provides an opportunity to use the flowmeter on corrosive medium.
  • The flowmeter can operate under high pressure up to 32 MPa.
  • Electromagnetic flowmeter EMIS-MAG 270 can measure corrosive liquids, two-phase and contaminated liquids (containing solid particles and impurities) because of electromagnetic measuring principle.
  • Reliability and long lifetime
  • The flowmeter doesn`t consist of mechanical and expanded beyond flow tube parts.
  • Pressure loss is small.

Сomplete set


  • Mounting kit for EMIS-MAG 270: counter flanges, gaskets, bolts, nuts, washers to install flowmeter on the pipeline.
  • Flange disassembling joint for EMIS-MAG 270 for easy and safe mounting of flowmeter.
  • Flow conditioner EMIS-VEKTA 1200 prepares the flow and reduces requirements for straight run in the place of flowmeter installation.
  • Power supply units EMIS-BRIZ provide power supply for flowmeter.
  • Connecting cables for EMIS-MAG 270 flowmeter
  • Liquid filter EMIS-VEKTA 1210 allows to prolong lifetime of the equipment and provide high quality operation by cleaning liquids from solid particles, dust and rust.
  • Gas separator EMIS-VEKTA 1212 is used to remove gas impurities from liquid in order to increase measuring accuracy.
  • EMIS-MAG 270

Magnetic flowmeter EMIS-MAG 270 Remote type

EMIS-MAG 270 modifications Remote type

Remote type of flowmeter allows to mount flow tube separately from the electronic unit on the distance of 100 m. It allows to measure the medium of 130 °C temperature.

Magnetic flowmeter EMIS-MAG 270 Mine type

Mine type of flowmeter

Ex-proof flowmeters are equipped with ex-proof casing marked as РВ ExdI Х and can be used in underground mines, pits and its gas- and dust-hazardous overground facilities.