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We supply APG metering units to the biggest oil producers and refineries
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APG metering is one of the most complicated tasks for oil producers, because the presence of moisture, corrosive components and mechanical impurities in a gas mixture limits the number of solutions. Traditionally, pressure drop flow meters (with reducers) and mechanical meters are used. However, their applicability is under the question: the design of the flow meter with reducer involves the formation of deposits on the walls of the pipeline at the front part of the diaphragm.

The increase of blockage influence the accuracy reaching tens of percent. Sticking of medium on the surface of the diaphragm, as well as edge wearing lead to the transformation of the flow meter into the simple flow detector. Clean the flow meter with reducer to prevent it (at least once per month). Diaphragm requires long straight run before the installation point. The disadvantages of turbine flow meters include harsh requirements to gas purification and the complexity of repair, a limited service life due to the rapid wear of rotating parts, low reliability, and high pressure losses.

The most obvious option for replacement of mechanical meters and reducers is an inexpensive vortex flow meter, which is usually not subject to wear and pollution, which means money saving on purchase and low cost of operation. Tighter legislation of the Russian Federation regarding the requirements for the utilization of oil gas makes it necessary to install gas metering stations not only at the points of its production and transportation, but also at flares. There, the metering task is complemented with one more factor: flares can burn as rare as 2 times in two years so the more preferable choice is an inexpensive metering system with calibration interval of 4 and more years.

APG metering unit assemblies:

  • vortex flow meter EMIS-VIHR 200
  • pressure transmitter AIR-10
  • temperature sensor TS-1088
  • Power supply unit EB-90
  • Heat calculator TECON 19

Operation of APG metering systems at such large enterprises as Surgutneftegaz, Lukoil, Tatneft. Metering devices performed high reliability and proved the following advantages:

  • operation in the wide range of low flows;
  • no accuracy mistakes during winter period; condensation freezing on the sensor wing does not influence its sensitivity;
  • calibration interval of 4 years, calibration on site using simulation method;
  • less rigid requirements to straight run comparing with reducers;
  • high repair capability. In case of a failure, the repair can be proceeded on site without pipeline dismantling.
  • Remote diagnostics of the metering system and on-line data reading in the control room.
  • We have accumulated the great experience in installation, commissioning and maintenance of APG metering systems. We offer trial operation of the metering system to proof its technical performance.