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Berezniky alkali plant

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In 2018, overpressure transmitter EMIS-BAR was delivered for trial operation to the service RSMUdepartment. . The transmitter is installed in the position: No 1 carbo-column filter liquid pressure. During this trial period the transmitter performed as the reliable and modern equipment. No failures or breakage were detected. The most convenient in operation is the sensor display. It is clearly visible in the daylight and in night-time lighting. The function is very convenient for operators.
Configuration interface is user-friendly and intuitive. Transmitter body material complies with the declared in the data sheet. Despite of the corrosive components in the medium, there was no deposits or corrosion on the sensor. After 6 month of operation the metrological parameters of the transmitter comply with the declared. Power supply range varies from 12 to 36 V not influencing the operation.