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Since May 15, 2017 the liquid meter EMIS-MERA 300 60/40 has been performed in Oil and Gas Production Division-5. The liquid meter is mounted on the Rassvetnoe field well mouth №150. The measuring medium is oil viscous fluids with paraffin inclusions.

For all the time of operation the liquid meter was steady operated. No faults and failures. But the small meter adjustment took place because of the process environment.

The liquid meter is easy mounted, has detailed manual, the cable entries have metal hose attachment for the tight joint. The meter housing provides reliable moisture and explosion protection. The meter electronics can be functioned with the third-party secondary instruments. Also the connection diagram was performed directly to the Oil and Gas Production Division-5 telemetry system.

The measurement accuracy conforms to the ООО "LUKOIL-PERM" measuring instrument list including and excluding in the State Regulation on the assurance of measurement uniformity.

CJSC EMIS provided the technical assistance and experts presence on-the-site.

EMIS-MERA 300 conforms to the manufacturer's performance ratings. The liquid meters are proposed to apply on the Gaging Gas Separator «Sputnik» as the measuring instrument and isolated producer wells.

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