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In 2013 year Oil and Gas Production Division -8of ООО "LUKOIL-PERM" has got the vortex flowmeter EMIS-VIHR200 PPD with the straight runs and the installation kit in the pilot production.

In November, 2013 year the flowmeter was mounted on the injection well of Oil and Gas Production Division -8 (Baklanovskoe field).

Tests summary:

  • Steady operation in whole range 1-64 m3/h;
  • Declared metrological specifications (error +-1,0%);
  • Reference flowmeter assembly (match to the DRS assembly);
  • Recalibration interval - 4 years;
  • No faults and failures.

The vortex flowmeter EMIS-VIHR200 PPD -050 has passed pilot operation corresponds to the declared metrological specifications and can be applied in ООО "LUKOIL-PERM».