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The EMIS company invites design institutes, research and engineering centers, as well as other organizations involved in the development of project documentation to mutually beneficial cooperation.

Cooperation benefits and advantages for EMIS partners.

  • Use of wide range of the products and related instrumentation and control equipment;
  • Become official partner;
  • Information and technical support and consulting;
  • Access to technical drawings, 3D models;
  • Access to periodical face-to-face and distant educational sessions;
  • Agenсy agreement;
  • Support from the Customer, including design and turn-key tenders;
  • Preparation of working design documentation as part of the project on the proposed solutions and equipment for delivery;
  • Assistance in the development of private design solutions based on individual technical solutions with the preparation of design documentation.
  • The possibility to conclude an agency agreement and receive legal commission for the promotion of EMIS products within the framework of the project, as well as the possibility to generate additional income as a result of the of the project "completion", authorization for the supply of EMIS equipment in accordance with the project.

If interested, please contact the sales department:
Telephone: +7 (351) 729-99-12