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EMIS-MERA 300-030 manufactured by EMIS CJSC was provided for trial operation at the field.


  • Estimate provided EMIS equipment quality of manufacture;
  • Check metrological and operational parameters of the counter EMIS-MERA 300-030;
  • Evaluate design reliability.


  • The flowmeter provided for the trial comply with the project requirements and method;
  • Данный образец прошел испытания и обеспечил замер дебита жидкости в диапазоне 5,7 м3/сут. - 16 м3/сут.;
  • ЭМИС-МЕРА 300 обеспечивает прямое измерение жидкости с возможность архивации;
  • The sample has passed the test and provided liquid rate metering in the range of 5.7 cbm/day – 16cbm/day;
  • EMIS-MERA 300 perform direct measurement of liquid with the possibility of data recording;
  • EMIS-MERA has the following output signals: pulse output, frequency output, analog rated signal output 4-20mA compatible with HART; digital interfaces: UART, CAN-Bus, EIA/TIA-485 (RS-485) compatible with Modbus, IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet), USB data communication to ensure data transmission to the automated remote control systems;
  • Metrological parameters comply with the requirements and ones declared in the data sheet;
  • Operational documentation was provided in full;
  • No failure was detected during the trial period;


Based on the foregoing and satisfactory results obtained during the the pilot test, we recommend further implementation of the flowmeters manufactured by EMIS CJSC in the design of measuring units.

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