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Choosing the measurement and automation equipment under the import substitution industrialization policy in Electrical Control & Instrumentation and Plant Control systems of AO «Krasnoyarsky synthetic rubber works», our plant had been equipped with Your electromagnetic flowmeter EMIS-MAG270 for the pilot tests.

In July 2016 this flowmeter was installed in the separation shop №9V as a control loop primary instrument on the position «Coagulation water flow».

The flowmeter was supplied with the Technical Construction Files. It was mounted in accordance with the operation manual.

During the operation of this device, no faults were determined. The readings were stable, valve control is steady without swinging at the start-up, shutdown and at the latex and water feed change into coagulation. The flowmeter does not require supplementary maintenance, easy in adjustments.

Today the electromagnetic flowmeter EMIS-MAG 270 is applied in Krasnoyarsky synthetic rubber works.

No any metrological tests.

We are planning to purchase these flowmeters.