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In order to conduct pilot industrial tests in 2017, the EMIS-MERA 300 liquid quantity meter manufactured by EMIS CJSC was mounted at the Tuymazaneft facility.

During the trial period, the meter performed reliable operation, which is metering of oil containing liquid, under various weather conditions and temperatures. Technical and metrological parameters comply with the requested and declared in the data sheet.

Operational documentation was provided in full by the manufacturer.

Comparing to equivalent devices, EMIS-MERA 300 meter displayed such advantages as stable accuracy, high durability against mechanical inclusions and asphalt, resin, and paraffin deposition.

No failure detected during trial operation.

Based on the above mentioned facts and satisfactory results of the trial operation, the counter of CJSC EMIS can be recommended for further implementation at the facilities of LLC Bashneft-Dobycha.

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